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About us

Greengy is a new-wave energy bar company. Our main principle: minimum ingredients, maximum benefit! In our products you will not find sugar, preservatives and food dyes – only natural and fresh ingredients.

Why do we need it? After all, it is much easier to enter the market with a “pseudo-healthy” cereal bar with synthetic protein and tons of sugar in its content, to offer several new flavors and quietly collect profits. But why do we need an easy way, if we can go a right way?

The concept of proper nutrition, respect for nature and yourself is all about the current generation of Ukrainians. Therefore, we have developed Greengy bars for those who approach life consciously. It is not necessary to be vegan or rawatarian to enjoy our products. But if you are on a vegetarian or gluten-free diet, then Greengy will be a tasty addition to your diet.