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GREENGY bars – a revolution in the healthy food world!


  • 100% natural

    GREENGY bars do not contain emulsifiers, preservatives and other harmful food additives. Exceptionally natural dried fruits and nuts.

  • Raw ingredients

    Fresh non high temperature processed products retain all the necessary minerals and vitamins filling your body with natural energy.

  • Vegan

    GREENGY do not contain any animal products. Only the power of green plants.

  • Gluten free

    GREENGY bars are good not only for people with gluten intolerance but also for those who wants to keep fit.

  • Sugar free

    GREENGY bars do not contain any caramel or chocolate icing. Natural dried fruits sweetness and natural taste.

  • Dairy free

    GREENGY bars do not contain dairy products and thus do not have neither lactose nor cholesterol.

What is inside?

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